Winter Service Offer

Winter is just around the corner, with the long evenings closing in already. It’s also the first time most of us will use our lights in quite a while, and no doubt some bulbs won’t be working. At we are offering a pre-winter service with a difference.

Our premium winter service is designed to take you safely into 2016.

Whats Included

Engine bay – Full engine service with all the filters replaced and engine oil changed. All fluid levels topped up. Sparked plugs changed (petrol models).

Brakes – Check brake pads and discs. Check handbrake travel.

Underbody – Check chassis and all components (coilsprings, struts, shock absorbers, ball joints, suspension bushes, steering, track rods, wheel bearings, drive shafts).

Battery and charging system – A fully charged battery is cruicial on cold winter mornings. Condition of battery is checked and charging system tested.

Lights – We get your car ready for the long evenings. All lights checked and bulbs replaced where necessary. In the case of Polycarbon (plastic) type headlamps that have oxidized (clouded/fogged) over, we put them through our cleaning processs to bring them up like new again. Then we check and reset the beam focus if necessary.

Wipers – Visibility is reduced in the winter months, therefore wipers and washer system checked front and rear and screenwash added.

Tyres – Having sufficient tyre thread is especially important during the winter. Tyre condition checked and pressure adjusted.

Service indicator – service indicator reset and service book stamped. We also advise our customers if any additional work is necessary on the vehicle.

Our service offer also includes a FREE pre-NCT check before your next NCT is due.

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