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My NCT has expired. Can I drive on the roads?

Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act 1994 as amended by Section 19 Road Traffic Act 2006 – a member of An Garda Síochána may seize a vehicle being used in a public place without proof of passing a road worthiness test in accordance with Council Directive 96/96/EC (O.J. No. L46 17.02.97, P1) of the 20th December 1996 which for the time being in force in respect of the vehicle.

NCT Exemptions: All cars taxed as vintage and cars permanently based on islands not connected by road do not have to be tested.


Please read before booking your NCT

Going for your National Car Test (NCT)

The introduction of the National Car Test (National Car Test (NCT)) in 2000 has led to safer, more reliable cars on roads throughout Ireland. The National Car Test (NCT) has helped reduce air and noise pollution, and has offered drivers the opportunity to obtain lower car insurance quotes.

Perhaps most importantly, the test has helped improve the roadworthiness of vehicles on our roads, as it aims to identify defects in cars such as faulty brakes and suspension.

All cars over four years must undergo a National Car Test (NCT), and cars between 4 and 10 years old will then take the test every two years. For vehicles over 10 years old, annual testing is a legal requirement.

According to the National Car Testing Service, the cost of a full test is €55. A re-test, where test equipment must be used to check the vehicle will cost €28. Re-tests not requiring the use of test equipment are free.

Before going for your National Car Test (NCT), it might be worth your while to have your car checked by an experienced professional, as it could save you the cost of a re-test. You should check that your car has enough oil and water, that tyres are inflated to the correct pressure and that your engine is in “a fit state to be tested”. That means that parts such as your timing belt / cam belt are in working order. In addition, your lights should be checked and set before going for the test.

There are a number of practical steps you should carry out before going for the test. Make sure your car is clean, including under the body of it. Make sure your boot and seats are empty and clear of your belongings. If you leave a baby seat in, this will be checked. Seat belts and their clips should also be visible, and your registration plates should comply with any regulations.

Before you go, also makes sure you bring identification with you (either your driver licence or passport), as well as your vehicle registration certificat

You must keep any vehicles driven on the road in a roadworthy condition. It’s the law… YOU MUST HAVE A CURRENT NCT CERTIFICATE IN ORDER TO USE YOUR VEHICLE ON A PUBLIC ROAD.

  • We offer a pre NCT check on all vehicle makes and models.  
  • If we feel there are issues with the car that may lead to a fail, we will make recommendations accordingly. If you have failed an NCT test we can carry out all the necessary repairs to get you back safely on the road. 

NB. An NCT is not intended to replace servicing.It is a test to make sure your car is road worthy.

Regular servicing keeps your car in top condition,and statistics show that cars that are well maintained have a higher pass rate at NCT. There are periodic checks you can carry out yourself from time to time,that will help you to maintain your vehicle. A list of these checks can be found on our Blog page.

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