1010179_486202688123715_1126197467_nDiagnostics on a modern vehicle is a very complex issue. Present day vehicle manufactures are running all the important systems through the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). When any of these systems fail, a fault code will be stored in the ECU and if the fault occurs during 3 consecutive drive cycles, the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) in the instrument cluster will illuminate. Most of these faults can be very apparent causing poor running and affect the driveability of the vehicle. Continuous driving with the MIL illuminated will cause long term damage to your vehicle.

At this stage a proper diagnosis of your vehicle is crucial to determine the cause of the fault. A trained professional with a diagnostics scantool can carry out accurate and efficient diagnostics in order to identify and rectify the problem right the first time. We at Mycarmechanic.ie regularly attend diagnostics courses to keep our knowledge up to date and use state of the art diagnostics equipment, such as a diagnostic scantool and an automotive oscilloscope. Therefore we are capable of not only retrieving fault codes but testing components as well before replacing them to make sure that no parts are replaced unnecessarily.