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Engine Size
Oil Service
Full Service
Up To 1000cc
Up To 1200cc
Up To 1400cc
Up To 1600cc
Up To 1800cc
Up To 2000cc
Over 2000cc


Brake pads

Engine Size Rear Pads (Shoes) Front Pads
1000cc to 1400cc €70 €85
1400cc to 2000cc €85 €110
Over 2000cc €125 €145


Oil Service

Oil & Filter Change

15 point safety check (see details below)

Service indicator reset

Service book updated

Full Service

Oil & filter change

Air filter 

Spark plugs

30 point safety check (see details below)

Headlight alignment check

Diagnostic health check

Service indicator reset

Service book updated

Clutches Supplied & FittedPlease call for a quote

Timing Belt Kits Supplied & FittedPlease call for a quote

15 point safety check includes:

 Coolant/anti-freeze level
 Brake fluid level
 Power steering level
 Battery level
 Windscreen washer level
 Front brake pads
 Tyre pressure
 Windscreen wipers/ add screen wash
 Headlights
 Tail lights
 Brake lights
 Indicators/hazard warning lights
 Reverse lights
 Fog lights
 Horn

30 point safety check includes the 15 point safety check plus:
 Engine/gearbox oil leaks
 Fuel system/leaks
 Coolant system/leaks
 Gearbox oil level
 Final drive oil level
 Steering joints
 Suspension joints
 Suspension mountings
 Drive shaft CV boots
 Road springs
 Shock absorber mountings/leaks
 Exhaust system/mountings
 Brake hoses/pipes
 Rear brake pads/shoes
 Handbrake

*Please note prices are based on 10W40 semi-synthetic oil, some higher spec cars may require higher grade oil and additional parts (such as fuel filter for diesel vehicles and cabin filter) which may result in additional costs. Please call for exact quotation based on the make and model of your car.
Prices include Vat @ 13.5 %